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September 17, 2012


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Angela Donovan

I was laughing through this whole post. This is exactly what I go through every time I have to hire someone for our office. It's amazing the things that applicants say and do on an interview. I actually had a young woman come in to interview for a position at my front desk and bring her friend with her and asked me to interview her as well. I told her that I really hadn't planned on her bringing another applicant in with her to interview. Her response "Well, I'm out a lot and I thought if I got the job and needed to be absent, she could cover for me." I swear that is a true story. I politely did a 5 minute interview and dismissed her.

Another pet peeve is applicants that show up in flip flops or jeans.


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Linda Curtis

I try, any subjects you'd like me to address?

Linda Curtis

I laughed writing it and isn't it great that we can still find the humor?

Sally Johnson

That is just crazy! I can't believe somebody would act like that on the phone we they are wanting the job. When I'm searching for a dentist in west island I am looking for someone that is nice on the phone and that can answer my questions.

online dental supplies

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