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January 03, 2011


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Nice to meet you.
My name is Toshinari Toyama.
I work as a dentist in Japanese Tokyo.

I run own clinic, too, and the guidance to the staff is very difficult.
Your blog serves as a reference.
Thank you.

Linda Curtis

Hi Toshinari, thanks for your comments. It's interesting to hear that staff management is as challenging in Japan as it is in the US. For some reason I thought it wouldn't be. Do you mind telling us what your biggest challenges are?


Hi Linda. The hardest thing on my staff to manage the staff and the sense of the difference between a young woman.

Linda Curtis

I think you are saying that you're not always sure about the difference between how women think and how men see things, am I right? I guess that's universal then, but even as a woman, there's sometimes a disconnect between the way I see things and the way the staff sees them. This conversation is leading me to think that it may have to do with the level of responsibility that we give our staff. More responsibility =more dedication? The sticky point is that it's hard to give someone responsibility, without first seeing evidence od trustworthiness and dedication. That's why I feel it's important to build integrity throughout the staff the way we've done using the information in If Aristotle Ran General Motors. Hoping won't get us there, we have to make it happen.

Beaverton OR Cosmetic Dentist

What a nice story. It's great to hear about someone who is not self-absorbed and entitled, which exists way too much these days.

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