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January 11, 2011


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I am a dental assistant at Summerlea Dental in Edmonton, AB Canada. As you can imagine we have tons of snow here and just survived a week long snow storm that brought about 17 inches of snow! We only managed to close 1 day and that was thanks to our wonderful and dedicated staff members. But it was also thanks to our wonderful spouses who drove us to work most of those days so we didnt have to drive on the snow covered icy roads, or the neighbors who pulled us out of snowbanks when we got stuck! So many people to be thankful for at times like these!


Yes, that is a great attitude. We needmore like her! in the bad weather patients often 'wimp out' of coming in to the practice, but sometimes staff do too :(

Bennett Family Dentistry

Hang on to her! We are fortunate to have put together a staff that I feel is caring and committed. But you never know for sure until they are "tested".

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