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January 13, 2010


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Debbie Nieman

I don't understand it either! What is going on now days? If you do finally hire someone who somehow "passes" through the interview process, it seems like no time and they are expecting to have so much be given to them. They "deserve" a raise, or a bonus, or a day off. They show up to work whenever they feel like it. When they are at work, they are the only ones who claim to be working (as they are texting behind the dentist back every few minutes).
I just don't get it! Where has the work ethics gone to? It is so hard to find someone who wants to work and doesn't expect everything to be handed to them without the effort.


People are stranger then they used to be!!! Actually, I think that with all this technology at our fingertips, it "allows" us to be so strange and forget about the things that REALLY matter.

If you have a minute...can you please e-mail me? I have something I'd like some insight on and might make for a blog post at some point. Thanks!

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