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February 02, 2008


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Vikram Rajan

Just like a good presentation, seminar, or workshop, a great meeting goes over the agenda first: Say what you're gonna say... say it... and then say what you've said. That is, review what was decided and who's gonna do what by when.

Great post,
~ Vikram

Teresa Duncan

Great post, Linda - a morning huddle is the key to a successful day. Did you come up w/ your own huddle sheet? Wanna swap? :-)

Linda Curtis

Sure Teresa, I'd be happy to swap huddle sheets. Mine is an excel spreadsheet that I just plug in the current info every day. A mite bit time consuming, but worth the effort, I believe. I send it to your email. I'd like to figure out how to put it in a pdf file and post it on this site, but I'll probably need to get my boss to help me. That would really be stretching the parameters of my technological abilities. :)


Hi Linda,

It's interesting to me how many dental offices have these morning huddles. Our office has never, ever had one. Our office is rather small compared to so many others, with just the doctor and myself, and a part-time hygienist twice a week.

With it just being the doctor and myself most days, there's really been no need for such a meeting. If we hired on more people, I can definitely understand the need for these meetings. I believe it's a great way of building and maintaining a team spirit, with everyone being on "the same page".

Linda Curtis

Hi Lin, I worked in an office like that a long time ago. It has advantages and disadvantages. How do you like it?


Hi Linda!

Were you ever able to put your huddle sheet into a file and post it? I'd love to see, I really need a starting point! Thanks!

Linda Curtis

Hi Erin, I have seperate huddle sheets for hygiene, assisting and fd. Give me a day or two and I'll try to set them up as a pdf file. I'll put a notice up on the main blog page when it's ready.


Is there any way I could get a copy of your morning huddle sheet? I would greatly appricate it. My e-mail address is

Thank you for your help and GREAT blog,

Linda Curtis

Sure Kelly, I've attached it here.  This is the one our rdh's use, but you can adapt it to your needs.  Glad you like the blog.  I need to be more regular about writing again.  I've been very busy training new staff though.  You know how it goes!

All the best, Linda


Actually let me explain it:  Insured is there because they need to know if there are any restrictions on tx, ie: can't have Arestin at S&RP appt, time span for x-rays, etc,  we also have protocols for xerostomia, caries control, etc, the rest is pretty routine but let me know if you have questions.

Linda Curtis

Actually, Kelly I sent you an email with the huddle sheet attached.


we are new to the morning huddle and I really need assistance with a checklist AND a sign to post at the front desk telling patients we will be right with them. any suggestions??

Linda Curtis

Hi Jennifer, send me an email so I can send you our huddle sheet.
Just buy a plexiglass frame and make a nice notice telling the patients that you are involved in a morning meeting and will be with them shortly.

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